Final call for submissions: He Kupu April 2024 edition

He Kupu is NZTC’s globally read, biannual peer-reviewed e-journal, serving as a dynamic platform for collaborative exploration within the early childhood education community.

Submissions exemplifying the practical application of theoretical perspectives in early childhood education are welcomed in the upcoming edition, ‘Bridging Theory and Practice’.

Contributing to the current He Kupu edition with her article on emotionally safe climates in the sector, NZTC Pastoral Support Lecturer, Joy McLelland, shares why she was motivated to share her research in the e-journal.

He Kupu promotes a community of learners and supports ECE professionals to network and understand that the issues and trends that they may be seeing in the sector are valid points that are worth exploring.”

McLelland, who is passionate about finding ways to improve teachers’ mental health, says she hopes the article serves as a starting point for teachers and leaders to understand the value teacher wellbeing has in the ECE setting.

“I hope kaiako that read this can feel empowered to make small, mindful steps to advocate for an emotionally safe climate, such as sharing positive feedback to a team member or taking a minute to focus on their breathing during busy moments.”

She shares what she believes distinguishes He Kupu from other publications in the field, and encourages other ECE professionals to consider submitting.

He Kupu is designed specifically for early childhood teachers in Aotearoa to share real-life, practical issues that are happening within the sector. Critical reflections are celebrated, provoking thoughtful insights that other kaiako can easily access.

“Further to this, writers for He Kupu come from a range of different backgrounds, all varying in experience and knowledge, which creates diversity and complexity in the ideas that are shared. In short, ECE professionals from all walks of life are welcome!”

Submissions for the April issue are due by Monday 26th February 2024. For detailed submission guidelines, please visit