Sign up for the first AT PD events of 2024

Sign up for the first AT PD events of 2024

Are you ready to seize the opportunities that the new year brings? Join AT Support Lecturers, Amy and Maddie as they host the very first professional development evenings of 2024.  

It’s your chance to kickstart the year with renewed enthusiasm and a fresh perspective on your professional development journey.  

Our AT PD events have been designed to create an environment where your growth and learning are prioritised. Three tailor-made sessions are scheduled for January to empower you as a mentor and enrich your knowledge and skills. 

We look forward to seeing you at a session! 


Introduction to Key Teaching Tasks (KTTs) 

The Key Teaching Tasks (KTTs) are observable and measurable tasks that can be observed in students’ practice with children. ATs need an awareness of these to be able to support students in their Field Practice. The KTTs align with the NZTC Learning Outcomes to provide a connection between theoretical and practical teaching knowledge and practice, and align to the Standards of the Teaching Profession. 


  • A clear understanding of the KTTs 
  • Connections between the KTTs, Learning Outcomes and Teaching Standards 
  • How the different levels of KTTs work 
  • The role of AT in relation to the KTTs 


Effective mentoring 

This workshop is the starting point for your mentoring partnership with NZTC. ‘Effective mentoring’ has been designed to unpack tools to support you in your mentoring partnership in both field experience and practice. This workshop provides details of support in understanding the role of the AT with opportunities for collaborative discussion to gain tips and strategies for enhancing your mentoring role. 


  • Understand the role of an AT 
  • Using the Progression Document to support your mentoring 
  • Exploration of what it means to be an effective mentor in line with the Standards for the Teaching Profession 
  • Practices to promote professional growth in Field Experience and Field Practice 


Enhancing cultural competence 

This PD will help ATs to support students to implement cultural competency and awareness as part of their daily teaching practice. Enhancing cultural competence addresses the needs of the early childhood community in our increasingly diverse society. This PD has been designed to raise awareness of the significance of the child’s home culture and funds of knowledge and how these can be effectively implemented in authentic early childhood settings. 


  • Recap on what cultural competency looks like  
  • Look at what documents can be used to support cultural competence  
  • Support ATs with strategies in developing and implementing goal setting to build knowledge  
  • Top tips, brainstorms and sharing ideas    

ClickHERE to view the AT PD event calendar. 

All ATs will receive an email inviting them to register for upcoming workshops. Please with the date and corresponding topic you would like to register for.