Submissions for the April 2024 He Kupu edition now open

Submissions are now open for NZTC’s biannual peer-reviewed e-journal, providing a valuable professional development opportunity to help cultivate a critical, collaborative and informed ECE community.

The upcoming edition of He Kupu themed, ‘Bridging Theory and Practice’ will showcase articles highlighting the application of theoretical perspectives in early childhood education.

Educators, researchers, and practitioners are invited to submit papers exploring the relationship between theory and practice, sharing innovative approaches, strategies, and discussing the impact of theory-driven teaching on children’s learning and development.

With a readership of over 11,000 subscribers worldwide, NZTC Academic Dean, Dr Sean Dolan, encourages ECE professionals to take advantage of this opportunity to share their research and practical knowledge, enriching their ongoing professional development.

ECE Team Leader, Shuchita Jain, reflects on her experience contributing to He Kupu as an invaluable milestone in her professional journey.

“Since my studies, I aspired to see my work featured in a prestigious journal like He Kupu, a publication that I frequently turned to during my research.

“Collaborating on an article on relational leadership, where I could weave in my own experiences as a teacher-leader, proved to be a truly fantastic opportunity.

“The learning journey through the publication process deepened my understanding of linguistic details and mechanisms, culminating in a significant achievement in my life.”

Submissions for the April issue are due by Monday 26th February 2024.

Further details on submission can be found at