Supporting AT’s with five professional development workshops in March

It is hard to believe that we are nearly into the third month of 2022. As our 40th anniversary year powers on, we have developed five professional development workshops to support AT’s in March.

‘Effective mentoring’, ‘Wellbeing for mentoring’ and ‘Supporting reflection on practice’ workshops will be held weekly on each Thursday of the month at 7.00pm.

Effective mentoring has been created as a starting point for your mentoring partnership with NZTC. Refreshed for 2022, Effective mentoring has been designed to unpack tools to support you in your mentoring partnership in both field experience and practice. This workshop provides details of support in understanding the role of the AT with opportunities for collaborative discussion to gain tips and strategies for enhancing your mentoring role.


• Understand the role of an AT. • Using the Progression Document to support your mentoring. • Exploration of what it means to be an effective mentor in line with the Standards for the Teaching Profession. • Practices to promote professional growth in Field Experience and Field Practice

Wellbeing for mentoring will explore the complex role of an early childhood professional which requires a focus on physical and mental health. The workshop has been developed to support our ATs in their role as mentors and role models for students by exploring aspects of professional wellbeing. Discussions throughout will provide strategies for recognising and maintaining your wellbeing while working in partnership with your student to foster theirs in practice.


• Unpack the importance of personal and professional wellbeing in mentoring.
• Explore how different elements and dimensions including Te Whare Tapa Whā inform your mentoring partnership.
• Discuss strategies for promoting self-care and professional boundaries within the mentoring partnership.
• Highlight support at NZTC.

Supporting reflection on practice focuses on reflective practice as a main component for ongoing growth and development. The workshop will support you as an AT to support and empower student teachers to recognise and develop these skills for deeper reflection. With strategies and tools to take away, you will be left with practical examples for refining your own and your students’ reflective practice.


• Recap reflective practice, critical thinking, assumptions and identity and the implementation in and influence of these in practice.
• Support AT’s in mentoring the development of reflective practice.
• Strategies and tools for supporting student teachers in developing ‘deeper’ reflection ‘in practice’.

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All ATs will receive an email inviting them to register for upcoming workshops. Please email with the date and corresponding topic you would like to register for.