Can students be counted in the ratio while on Field Practice?

It is the centres’ responsibility to have knowledge of, and adhere to, the licensing regulations around staff ratios. It is not for NZTC to have a say in these employment regulatory discussions.

How many hours do students need to be at the centre?

This depends on whether they are on Field Experience or Field Practice.

Field Experience: Is a minimum of 16 hours that is conducted in the student’s Home Centre. It can be a paid or volunteered position but should be with the same children/room. The 16 hours is across a calendar week and excludes breaks and non-contact time. 

Field Practice: Consists of a minimum 20-day blocks of continuous placement in approved early childhood centres. Placements can be in Home or Out of Home. As per NZ Teaching Council requirements, students are required to complete the required number of full days while on placements.

What happens if my student is away?

Field Experience: Students need to complete a minimum of 16 hours per week throughout their program of study. This means that if they are sick or a public holiday occurs it is their responsibility to complete 16 hours for each week.

Field Practice: Students must complete 100% attendance of the required days per placement while on placement.

See the Field Practice Handbook for further information surrounding attendance.

What is my student working towards?

Field Experience: Students will have an assessment that they will be working towards which they access and submit on NZTC Online. During their Field Experience, students should be developing and strengthening their knowledge and practice within the ECE context.

Field Practice: Students will be working towards specific learning outcomes.  These can be found in their Appraisal Document on NZTC Online. Their Lecturer will call within the first week to confirm the learning outcomes but students usually know what learning outcomes they will work towards, based on the papers they have completed or are working towards.

Is the student required to share their written work with their AT?

The expectation is that yes, students will share their required documentation with you so that you can provide support. As a growing professional it is important that they feel able to discuss their reflections and other written work in order so that they can gain other professional perspectives and consider the full picture. Making this clear when you first meet your student sets up positive expectations for the placement.

Who signs off criteria met during the FP placement?

The Lecturer signs off the Learning Outcomes met during the FP placement in consultation with you as the AT, observation of the student and evaluation of written evidence. You are encouraged to go through the Appraisal Document with your student and indicate how you feel these areas are demonstrated in their thinking and practice. You can share this in the triadic however you do not need to complete the Appraisal Document.

What paperwork do I need to compete?

When your student is on a Field Practice placement (four or five weeks), you need to complete a Field Practice Triadic Report. You can type your own report if required but it must have your student’s information, your information and be signed and dated. This report is based on areas of Our Code, Our Standards and is your opportunity to highlight areas of strength and development. It is important that you take the time to be constructive and honest when completing this report as it offers invaluable feedback for your student and their Lecturer. Please have this completed prior to the Field Practice Triadic. 

What does the triadic meeting involve?

The triadic meeting provides the opportunity for you to sit down with the student and Lecturer to discuss the Field Practice placement. The discussion will connect your student’s learning outcomes to their placement and present opportunities for you to share your observations and visit report notes. It generally takes about 30 minutes.

Under what circumstances will a 30 hour/4 week placement be considered for a Field Practice?

When there are extenuating circumstances (such as family commitments that cannot be avoided or the centre is not open for 8 hours). These requests must be made well in advance of the placement and will be considered by the college on a case-by-case basis.

Who should I contact for clarification if I am unsure of Field Practice details?

There are a number of people that you can go to for support.  All can be reached by phone (09) 520 4000 or email.

  • The AT Support Lecturer is your point of contact for any general questions at@nztertiarycollege.ac.nz
  • The Field Practice Team can support you with admin support admin@nztertiarycollege.ac.nz
  • Your student’s Lecturer can help with any concerns regarding an existing Field Practice placement.  Please ask for their email when they call or email the AT Support Lecturer.